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Port Clarendon

About us

1 Philosophy

We believe in design’s power and that details are as important as big ideas. We consider every project as an opportunity to bring value, to inspire our clients and to have a lasting effect on their business.

2 Creative Strategy

The aesthetic signature of Port Clarendon, distinguished by an elegant and understated style, aims to reach the essence. Creating aspirational design as a strategic business advantage as well as a tool for profits and success.

3 Services

Areas of expertise include Creative Direction, Art Direction and Graphic Design. We produce a diverse range of work across multiple disciplines including Brand Strategy and Brand Identity, Packaging, Advertising, Editorial Design, as well as Printed and Digital Communication.

4 Profile

Port Clarendon is an Italian-based design and branding studio. We are a small creative boutique which, driven by our love for creating beautiful and high quality work, is committed to delivering 360º design, bringing depth, honesty and style to everything it is involved in.

Striving for a minimalistic graphic design work, with the aim to communicate clear messages through a carefully aesthetic resolution, we provide both creative direction and consultancy tailored to the clients’ needs. Passionate about typography and craftsmanship, we also deliver goods and product design.

At Port Clarendon we fancy art in all its guises; from painting to cinema, we like fashion, good wine & food, fast cars, books, architecture and, why not, luxury yachts as well. Aware of the importance of being unique in every form of expression, we help our clients to gain the attention and recognition they deserve. We have the capacity and the sensibility to understand the best way to develop a new brand or reinvigorate an existing one.

Our clients have an entrepreneurial spirit, they take care of their own image and they are fond of a brilliant and cutting edge design. For this reason we listen to them and catch their nuances, guiding them to the achievement of their goals. It is our job to seek a brand DNA and give birth to an idea-led identity, that is able to be both innovative and timeless at the same time.

Our approach is based on concepts because good design is about good ideas. Producing big ideas, but keeping things simple. We believe there are no recipes to achieve this – instead we pick all the necessary elements from different fields including art, fashion, technology, business, psychology and make them bond.

Port Clarendon is a life style, here you can find thinkers, collectors, nitpickers and visionaries with one feature in common: people with the desire to create authentic and sophisticated things, things able to inspire others.

Founded in 2013 by Roddi Daniel Lignini, a cross-disciplinary craftsman and creative director with more than a decade (since 1998) of experience in graphic design industry. RDL has worked for different design studios across America and Europe, developing numerous projects for both large and small clients.

Port Clarendon’s snapshot.
Port Clarendon’s snapshot.