Our packaging design “The Coal Pot” it’s been featured on ‘Milk With One Sugar’. http://wp.me/p1WSh7-1bE #design #brand #identity

RT @madebyzebra: The classic designs of Massimo Vignelli, 1931-2014. http://t.co/TzCDtDKwmO

Good Bye Massimo

Massimo Vignelli, 1931-2014

RT @septmbrindstry: RIP Massimo Vignelli. You will be missed — http://t.co/0fHJGkiuja

Watching Chris Cunningham's DVD (2003) Thanks @itsnicethat for reminding me of this amazing DVD

How do you name your design business? http://t.co/E0Oj73Yrlx | Industry Voice | Design Week

@ItalyMagazine: Who's that Italian Lady on #Google #Doodle? Find out here http://t.co/yCrwle31Wx pic.twitter.com/fKWsljSp35

[Freelance] Account — Port Clarendon: http://t.co/RjmvNpaoAw (#Ovunque) #hiring

'I like graphic design’s omnipresence in daily life' @AJWShaughnessy interview http://t.co/jSqOVGdovh @uniteditions pic.twitter.com/owrYZp3B84

RT @brainpicker: The fine art of Italian hand gestures – a vintage visual dictionary from the great Bruno Munari http://t.co/GBMCrLZWcW

RT @AJWShaughnessy: Identity design and Manuals 1 discussed in @NewYorker by @mbd_s http://t.co/xOpmqjbXlk @uniteditions

Ten mistakes #designers make http://t.co/NK7Y77fC6l via Design Week


#Bookshelf It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be → http://t.co/l53BTBu7uw #Design #Book #OpenPort pic.twitter.com/sYtGaMAO0i

RT @WIRED: A beautiful, custom font that helps kids learn to read and write http://t.co/3u7NhlkNTR pic.twitter.com/xUj4iFtvy8 #typography

Great article ;) @ceejay: @martinjgale @andypiper You're so American Psycho – http://t.co/JTERemSAF5 #BusinessCards #Print #AmericanPsycho

Less but Better is the design credo of #DieterRams. Ten principles to Good #Design From OpenPort's Archive: http://t.co/6279ZGedio

No. 10 Good design is as little design as possible, Dieter Rams New Article: http://t.co/7m7nxJbZBG #Design pic.twitter.com/u7k3UrTkwi

Great example of #design as an investment. How a redesigned meal tray is saving Virgin millions. http://t.co/eHkQagk6Lo via @FastCoDesign

Museum celebrating Eric Gill up for £100k Art Fund Prize http://t.co/ANxvZbW2gP #News via Design Week

Made Thought rebrands G.F. Smith http://t.co/L4zNUSBTXL via Design Week #news #design #branding

RT @letterror “Gothic calls for more care in spacing that any other style” De Vinne, The Practice of Typography, 1900 pic.twitter.com/BYSqJrxfjb

Intel invigorates brand with proprietary #font called 'Intel Clear' to use across all of its communications http://t.co/3KZqmZayse


April Fools’ Day 1977 Discover the story behind Port Clarendon http://t.co/YJl9MpiKks #sanserriffe #typography pic.twitter.com/rd6FFrNhRd

England's World Cup kit features Neville Brody #typeface http://t.co/gBd5PJ8rRE #DesignWeek #design

RT @FastCoCreate: Catch up on all of "Mad Men" in less than two minutes: http://t.co/vwKduxgpFu pic.twitter.com/OtNEomLHdj

No. 9 Good design is environmentally friendly, Dieter Rams New article: http://t.co/1YtK9AhkGo #desing pic.twitter.com/upTOmqkPZm

“I strive for two things in design: simplicity and clarity. Great design is born of those two things” Lindon Leader http://t.co/EPxuLRiSt5

#bookshelf: It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want To Be. Written by Paul Arden… http://t.co/ogr31H2gOD


RT @DandADNewBlood: How are you spending your weekend? Hint hint nudge nudge… http://t.co/OBV235nzGT pic.twitter.com/dKQYtQzEAp


#Bookshelf: How to be a graphic designer without losing your soul by Adrian Shaughnessy http://t.co/89zGCO3gFi #Design #Book #OpenPort

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