Port Clarendon’s brand identity & stationery design

We’ve designed our identity, corporate stationery and responsive webstite in white and black combined with refined print processes.

The idea was to create an understated, simple but inspiring identity which reflects our love for design and typography, and get across the feeling of our lifestyle and our expertise on the design field.


In fact, Port Clarendon is the name of a port city in Upper Caisse, San Serriffe, a fictional island nation created for April Fools’ Day, 1977, by Britain’s Guardian newspaper. An elaborate description of the nation, using puns and plays on words relating to typography, that was reported as legitimate news.

The aesthetic signature of Port Clarendon, distinguished by an elegant and understated style, aims to reach the essence.

Letterhead’s back side shows latitude and longitude of what we think San Serriffe, the semi-colon-shaped islands, should be located. Also see San Serriffe poster design.

We’ve designed and built a responsive website to guarantee an optimal viewing experience across different devices.