Packaging design
La Grenade Liqueur


De La Grenade offers a large range of products including some which are unique. The liqueur is one. A secret recipe handed down through the family from its inventor Captain Louis de La Grenade, has a fascinating provenance and story. We feel this would make a great flagship product from which to drive perceptions of the company.
De La Grenade Industries have a long history and presence in Grenada. Their expertise lies primarily in the production of Nutmeg- based products, which include liqueurs, jams, spreads and syrups.

We used La Grenade’s legend as the concept for the label. We wanted to give to the bottle a mix between myths and realities typical of the caribbean history.

There’s a legend in the West Indies and many are they who do believe, “Rub your finger on the Captain’s head”. Sit quietly on the edge of your bed, holding a bottle of “La Grenade” liqueur. With thoughts and wishes most pure. Press your finger on the Captain’s head. Turn your mind to the path you wish to tread, The spirit of the Captain will hover around. Good luck and fortune will forever abound!