App design


User interface look-and-feel revamp

With Weathermob doing a major upgrade on their app, the user experience of the application was missing some of the more viral and social aspects that are an essential part of its DNA.

Weathermob needed to give their product a facelift on their user interface while improving the overall experience of the app.

Designing new icons

Weathermob v1 was designed with users’ emotions in mind, it lets user share what they’re feeling about local weather and see what friends are saying about theirs. It allows users to select an icon to match their feelings and can then use a photo, video and text to report current weather.

We where asked to help them designing new icons to extend the range of feelings available for each report. These icons help the user put together a more engaging story.


Since the launch of v2, Weathermob has been able to hang several major accomplishments to their walls. They have been feature in the Apple App Store, enjoyed a number 17 ranking in the Apple App Store in Japan, and raise an additional $650,000 to continue grow and expand the Weathermob community.

FYI: At Port Clarendon I could finish the work that started back in 2011 when, while working as senior creative designer freelance for another design consultancy, I had the pleasure to be part of the team that design and develop the branding and the v1 of Weathermob. In 2012 Weathermob v1 was nominated for The Webby Awards.

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